About beincard

Present who you are in one link.

Beincard is a new standard in online resumes and business cards world, It’s absolutely perfect for displaying your skills and experiences and to showcase your amazing portfolio. can be reached from any web browser or mobile device.


Take control and centralize your online presence.


Showcase all of you—from your work to your passions.


Easy for your audience to learn about you, simple for you to set up.


Track your way to success

You can check everything that has been done on your profile pages. Get full statistics over views, messages, referrals, clicks and much more.

brand & credibility

You will build a strong personal brand for yourself

Today, it is more likely that your first impression is formed online rather than in person.


Showcase your creative work in one place

Showcase your work in a flexible and beautiful way, you can add as many videos and photos as you want.

What they say about us

We are curious to hear what our customers think of our service, what they appreciate and what makes them happy. We also welcome criticism: we use it to make our service, even better!

"I love that beincard.com is a place where I can share all of me — professional and personal."

- David C.

"Beincard take the awkward exchange of business cards out of the equation""

- Dmitry F.

"Beincard has changed my business interactions. Given up on paper cards because with Beincard the response rate is much higher"

How do I start

Getting started won’t take long

Create your page for free in just 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Sign up for a free Beincard account.
  • 2. Fill in your profile information. This will help your contacts find you.
  • 3. Customize your page. You can add videos, images, text & more.
  • 4. When you’re ready, publish your profile to easily share it with the world.

Invest in your future and build your career

Everyone deserves a well-designed page. It’s even a must for a web designer, developer or an entrepreneur. It’s time to showcase your personality in a stylish way.